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Boiler Installation & Replacement

Boilers are essential in various industries and homes for their key role in generating hot water and steam. They provide heating, hot water, and power for numerous processes, making them vital for industrial operations and residential comfort. Crucial in powering steam engines and heating buildings, they are fundamental to modern infrastructure.

You’ll need a reliable boiler installation company to install or replace an existing boiler. Donnington Facilities Ltd is here to help you with quality boiler replacement and installation services. Our certified and qualified technicians have years of experience installing and replacing commercial and residential boilers.

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  • We house the latest boilers incorporating advanced design features such as condensing technology, which captures and reuses heat from flue gases, minimising waste.
  • Providing versatile heating options, these boilers are noted for their reliability and longevity.
  • Replace your boiler with the most energy-efficient solution to minimise your carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices.
  • You’ll only need annual boiler services to keep them in good working condition.
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Types of Boilers

  • Conventional Boilers: The most basic type of boiler is the conventional boiler, often known as a regular boiler, requiring a separate cylinder and a cold water storage tank, which are typically located in the loft. The boiler heats the water and transports it to the hot water cylinder, where it is kept until needed. Traditional boilers are best suited to larger premises with higher hot water consumption.
  • Condensing Boilers: These boilers recover heat from waste gases produced during combustion, which makes them more energy efficient. They consume less fuel to generate heat, making them more ecologically friendly and cost-effective.
  • Combi Boilers: Combi boilers, also known as combination boilers, are small machines providing both central heating and hot water needs. They don’t need extra tanks or cylinders because they heat water from the main supply. Combi boilers are great for tiny homes or apartments with limited space.
  • System Boilers: These boilers sit between conventional and combi boilers. Ideal for homes with several bathrooms and large hot water demands, they provide an excellent mix of efficiency and hot water storage capacity.

Boiler Replacement Cost

Several factors influence the boiler replacement cost:

  • The size and type of boiler
  • The model chosen
  • The complexity of the installation
  • The location of the property
  • Labour expenses

New Boiler Installation Cost

Factors influencing the boiler installation cost include:

  • The type and efficiency of the boiler
  • The complexity and size of the heating system
  • Any other components necessary (e.g., radiators, thermostats)
  • Labour charges
  • The property’s location

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Reach out to get a quote, including the estimated cost of the boiler, labour, and any other additional cost. It will give a broad idea of the cost and help you decide on the boiler installation.

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With proper maintenance, a boiler can survive up to 15 years. It will need replacement if you see the following signs:

  • Less work efficiency
  • Leaking water
  • Regular breakdowns
  • Increased noise
  • Increased electricity costs

When buying a new boiler, look for the following things:

  • The boiler’s type and model
  • The cost and size of the boiler
  • The boiler efficiency and reliability

Boiler services include:

  • Visual inspection of the boiler
  • Checking the fuel
  • Diagnosing electrical connection, gas flow, seals, pilot light, heating controls, safety devices and overall operation