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Donnington Facilities Ltd is a certified and accredited boiler installation company in Orpington with years-long expertise in the field. Our Gas Safe engineers follow a professional approach to efficient customer service, offering excellent boiler services in the region.

If you are looking to spend winters in ease, our premium services for boiler installation in Orpington are one of the best choices to make your home warm and energy efficient.

Common Boilers We install

At Donnington Facilities Ltd, we provide premium services for the installation and replacement of boilers at your doorstep. Here are some common types of boilers we deal in:

Combi Boilers: A combi boiler means a combination of more components in a single unit. It provides both the heating boiler and a highly efficient water heater in a single unit.

Heat-Only Boilers: Heat-only boilers are the oldest models to heat water, consisting of a separate hot water storage tank. Such kind of boilers are perfect for large households and enterprises.

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System Boilers: Unlike other boilers, a system boiler has a separate cylinder to keep the stored water and is thus able to fulfil the need for excessive water use. System boilers are able to supply hot water to the entire home.

Oil Boilers: The oil boiler works by burning fuel in the combustion chamber. A heat exchanger is installed that makes the cold water heat up.

Gas Boilers: Gas boilers are similar to oil boilers in their work. A gas boiler has a big heating furnace. It is burnt using gas, and hot water is supplied to the whole house or building through installed pipes.

Why Do You Need to Replace Your Boiler?

While regular boiler servicing is needed to ensure its optimum performance, there are certain scenarios when you need to consider boiler replacement in Orpington:

  • You feel the boiler is damaged and unrepairable.
  • The repair cost is too high.
  • The boiler is too old to stop at any time.
  • The boiler got damaged, during a house renovation, for instance.

Benefits of Installing a New Boiler

Here are some benefits of the new boiler installation in Orpington:

  • The efficiency of a boiler is definitely up to the mark and thus has greater control over heating.
  • New boilers improve water temperatures.
  • New boilers are installed with the latest features and reduce emissions and energy consumption, thus reducing the electricity bill.
  • You can change the location and place it at a more suitable place.

Why Choose Our Services?

Experienced and qualified engineers: We have a team of Gas Safe engineers providing expert boiler services in Orpington. With vast knowledge, they can offer reliable advice for your new boiler.

Complete assistance in purchasing a boiler: Our expert visits your place to check the location, provides initial guidance about the feasibility, and suggests the best suitable boiler.

Reliable services: We provide the best installation services that are reliable and long-lasting. Everything is done perfectly so that our clients can enjoy the services uninterruptedly.

Transparent Cost: We offer transparent pricing without hidden charges. Our company offers competitive boiler replacement costs in Orpington without compromising the service quality.

Instant availability and customer support: We have a quick response time for our customers. We avoid delays and provide services at the promised date and time.

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Several factors should be taken into account, including the price, the boiler model and type, company’s reputation, and the amount of work, among others.

Yes, we provide services on the same day. However, it also depends on other factors, such as workload, the kind of work required, etc.